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Professional Reading for Others

  1. Where can I read?
  2. What should I charge for a reading? Should I charge for a reading?
  3. What are the legal implications to practicing Tarot?
  4. What special skills are required to do Tarot parties?
  5. What about Psychic Fairs?
  6. What about phone reading networks?
  7. What are the Free Reading Network and Free Tarot Network?
  8. Do I need business cards, brochures and/or flyers?
  9. Do I need a website?
  10. Where can I advertise my services?


Where can I read?

If you are uncomfortable reading in your own home or the home of your clients, many coffee shops and restaurants offer excellent meeting places. For the price of a couple of coffees, they are very happy to see you settle in and do a reading. If you get any negative vibes, check with the management before arranging to read there. I have also read at bookstores and libraries. Any of the above places offer marginal privacy. You may be able to find healing arts centers or yoga studios who would rent you space which would allow a more private environment. This cost can be passed on to the client or absorbed within your fees, but be careful that you are not inadvertently reading for free – or worse, spending more money than you are making.


What should I charge for a reading? Should I charge for a reading?
This is an age old debate. Some readers feel like their talent is a gift and, to charge for it, cheapens it. Some people believe that if you do not charge for a reading, it has little of no value to the client. This is a personal decision. I believe that there should be some exchange of energies in the client-reader relationship; however, I have read for a cup of coffee, a crayon drawing or a reading. I also have a set rate I charge; however, I reduce it sometimes based on circumstances.


What are the legal implications to practicing Tarot?
Check your local community’s rules and regulations. Ignorance is not a defense. My community requires that I have a business license. If you know other readers in your area, they may be able to fill you in on the requirements; however, nothing beats first hand information.


What special skills are required to do Tarot parties?
Stamina, in a word. My experience has been that, once the crowd discovers you are there, you will have a nonstop flow of people until the party ends or you are scheduled to leave. Pace yourself. Factor in breaks and honor them. Let the host or hostess of the party know that you will be taking breaks at regular intervals. Keep a bottle of water close at hand. Reading nonstop for hours can be a very dehydrating experience. Finally, do something for you at the end of the day or evening. Buy ice cream on the way home. Do a cleansing ritual. Take a cab home instead of the bus. I find this is a great way to honor yourself after hours of honoring others.


What about Psychic Fairs?

There are a number of gatherings which fall under the broad category of psychic fairs. Metaphysical bookstores may host a monthly event or a local bar or restaurant may designate one night every few months as a Psychic Night. Every entity operates differently; however, most can be a rewarding experience and an excellent marketing opportunity. To compete visually at one of these events, you will need some sort of signage and a colorful tablecloth. In some cases you set your rates and in others cases, the host facility has a standardized rate for all readers. These are also excellent chances to exchange readings with other practitioners. As with parties, pace yourself, drink plenty of fluids and do something to revitalize at the end of what is usually a long day or evening.


What about phone reading networks?

Phone services that offer a variety of readers over a central 800 number are numerous. If you are considering signing up with one of these services as a reader, be very precise when reading the contract you are signing with a service. Some things to consider is how they assign the readings (random or based on number or readings or number of minutes per reading), how are you promoted (do you get listed at the head of the list of readers by paying a premium), how many readings can they give you, do you get penalized if you can’t read over a period of time and can you promote your own website through the network.


What are the Free Reading Network and Free Tarot Network?

These two networks are excellent ways to practice and refine your reading. The Free Tarot Network allows you to do one-card readings where the Free Reading Network focuses on 3 – 5 card readings. For more information on these networks go to and


Do I need business cards, brochures and/or flyers?

Anything you can do to promote your business is worth looking into, but keep good records on what works and doesn’t work. There is no need in spending the money to put 50 brochures at a bookstore every month if it is not generating any income. Word of mouth is the greatest advertising, which makes business cards an inexpensive, but valuable item. With today’s easy-to-use software, it is possible to create all of your business collateral on your own computer.


Do I need a website?

Same answer. A website gets your name out in front of the public, especially if you are doing email or phone reading and can read for someone anywhere in the world. Websites do not have to be expensive. Many website hosts have very simple fill-in-the-spaces templates that allow you to build a beautiful, functional website within a couple of hours. This is a great way to test the waters before spending hundreds (or thousands) of dollars to build a state of the art website.


Where can I advertise my services?

Pick up a good book on guerilla marketing and start looking for unusual activities. Keep track of what works and what doesn’t work. Explore opportunities to do free readings if it will bring you in contact with a good number of new potential clients. Check out Craigslist at You may even try listing very low cost readings (.50) on Ebayto generate an interest in your services. Paid advertising in newspapers, magazines and websites must be carefully monitored to make certain your advertising dollars are generating a return. When you advertise, be certain you list an email address and/or phone number, but no physical address, to insure privacy and safety.


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